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Editorial Services

for independent authors

My services include proofreading and copyediting, with line editing or fact-checking available as part of a copyediting job, if necessary. Note that these services are meant for projects that are in the late stages of editing. This means that the project’s big-picture elements, like plot, structure, and characterization, are already in place; in other words, no further developmental editing or rewriting is needed. Copyediting and proofreading serve to polish a manuscript and elevate it to a professional quality. Please read below for a more detailed explanation of these services.


When is copyediting needed?

A copyedit is performed on a manuscript (usually in Microsoft Word file format) that has gone through developmental editing and usually line editing. Some manuscripts are not line edited before moving on to the copyediting process, but these projects often require a more substantial, revision-heavy copyedit.

What does a copyeditor do?

  • Prepares a manuscript for typesetting by ensuring technical elements are all uniform.

  • Corrects faulty grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage.

  • Tracks book for continuity across plot, character or setting description, etc.

  • Flags redundancies, including word and phrase repetitions, to strengthen voice.

  • Queries sentences where meaning is unclear or where readability and flow are impacted.

  • Creates a style sheet to ensure stylistic consistency specific to the project.


When is proofreading needed, and how is it different from copyediting?

A proofread is the final stage of editing before publication. It is less substantial than a copyedit and serves mainly to catch any issues that were missed in earlier stages of editing or errors that were introduced during the design stages. For this reason, a proofread is usually performed on a book that has been typeset (usually in PDF file format) and which is otherwise ready for publication.

What does a proofreader do?

  • Performs a final read-through for grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues.

  • Checks for any typesetting or design issues.

  • Ensures proper sequencing of chapters.

Of course, every project has different needs—some copyedits will only require mechanical edits to spelling and punctuation, while others will benefit from more substantial line editing. If your needs don't cleanly fit into the categories above, I'm still happy to discuss your project and find a scope of services that works. Please submit a request form on my contact page, or get in touch at deliamariadavis [at] gmail [dot] com.

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